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There is lots of information on the world history that is posted through the Nether Hallow wiki, this here is a quick cliff note to get things moving. This is an easy to read the adventure log chronologically in chapters.

The world consists of two known continents Kwan and Razel. Almost sixty years ago all the sentient beings in Razel south of the, great mountain chain, disappeared leaving no trace; meals still cooking on untended fires, beds un made, ships unsecured in harbor, and belongings never packed. Two locations south of the great mountain chain were spared from the disappearance were a monastery and a silver mine. The northern inhabitants are claimed by the giant clans, and fiercer evils, that were unclaimed by the phenomena. Over the last five years settlers from the nations of Kwan have finally seen through the superstitions and began to reinhabit the vacant cities of the ghost continent. Many undesirable creatures, doom cults, orcs, and variety of nasty has claimed much of the land. It has become a project securing claimed lands that some of the nations cannot afford to expand loosing already thin resources.

Another key area is the trade Port Julia, fed by the unnatural heat from Blackstone Cliff, the perfectly square black island off its coast. Before tidal waves buried it as a swamp city, this marble city was the richest place on the planet. Rare spices, exotic woods, jewels, wines, marble, resources, and whaling brought gold into the city by the ton. Last year the once glorious city has opened as a small minor trade port policed by the Lusparian government that control the trade taxes.

The continent of Kwan is made of several different Nations. Luspar, the Western most of the continent has spear headed the resettlement of Razel. Largely from the income from Port Julia and how physically close Luspar is to the Continent of Kwan. Other nations on Kwan include; Bannist with its harsh deserts, starnge ways of life, and tyrant ruler rumored to pact with evils. Rilycia the largest nation of Kwan, it has a small mix of most of the cultures of Kwan. Saelaedeu the nation of Elves, hated by most humans because of their trickery and gulie on the battle field. Lastly Reuluephos the Dwarven mountain clans, in the center of the Continent they provide transport, trade, and a neutral area for political discussion.

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