Evil God of Dragons

Chaotic Evil

Daggoth had a brother Repsillis, the god of righteous dragons. They were born back when the world was still young. When a now forgotten god was slain by being cut down the center by a mighty blade in the hands of Astrosis, the god died but his remains survived. The remains grew and grew to immense sizes. The gods rigt side became Repsillis the first dragon, that was the incarnation of good and light. The left side grew to Daggoth, that valued chaos, evil, and gluttony. Many thousands of years passed, the dragons became enemies raising armies of dragons they fathered to wage war on each other. Repsillis was deceived in the heat of battle and captured. Daggoth removed Repsillis’s heart on the battlefield and devoured it. With Repsillis defeated, his powers absorbed, Daggoth took the crown as god of dragons.

Good dragons still exist, they do not revere Daggoth, many have adopted different gods that share their same views as their own.


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